Research: Sugar Paste Cherry Blossoms

In hope of creating a wedding cake for my mother-kind-of-in-law I have begun researching how to make cherry blossoms out of sugar.
My sugar craft skills are definitely beginner, so far I have roses and swans to my name, however I am determined to give it a go.

There are a huge variety of cherry blossom tutorials on-line which can mostly be divided into two catergories: with flower shaped cutter or without any cutters.
Oh, and a few with molds, but why even make a tutorial for that?

As I am in Spain, miles away for my small collection of sugar craft tools (which my faithful sister will post to Portugal) I am yet to give any of these tutorials a go however I figured I may as well post them now and follow up with tests, or I will never get around to it at all! I’ll be way to busy making them. I hope.

Bobbies Baking Blog


Bobbie’s cherry blossoms are by far the most realistic I have come across so far. Unfortunately you have to pay to watch the tutorial. Business is business I guess.
The free tutorial is of her simpler, smaller bunches of blossoms which she makes using a flower cutter. The video its self is painfully long, I wish someone would step in as an editor for her because it really doesn’t do justice to her beautiful work.

The smaller blossom:


They were made for this little cute cake which has painted cherry blossoms too! Personally, I find the variety in sizes, the tiny paintings, intermediate blossoms and the magnificently big one on top, lack uniformity and balance. Nevertheless, it is still a stunning cake and undoubtedly a very talented baker.


Sugar Teachers

The Sugar Teachers tutorial consists of a nice set of step by step photos with directions on how to model blossoms without any cutters. This technique of using the star tool and scissors is favoured by many but these are much daintier than others although the stamens are huge!


The final cake is so pretty with all the little blossoms all over it, I like the wiggly branches and buds too, they give it just a touch of wildness. I had never thought of hexagonal cakes either!


Nicky Lamprinou

Don’t be put off by the foreign language, the tutorial is done silently. Shel uses a flower cutter too but shows an alternative way of getting the base of the cherry blossom to Bobbie’s. You will have to excuse my terrible still of her video, I just love how she has put the branch together but she doesn’t go into that on her video šŸ˜¦ I also prefer her delicate stamens, although I would use more than two. I have read that a cherry blossom actually has 29!


Good Old eHow

eHow doesn’t have any photos but it does have very comprehensive step by step directions which can be used in combination with what you have already picked up along the way. They also have an interesting alternative to bought stamens (which all the others use so far) – noodles!

Yes, you did read correctly: NOODLES! Who would have thought?!

Talking of stamens, I have been happily researching about how to make the blossoms without a second thought about stamens. Where on earth will I find them in Portugal? How much would they be?! And, of course, can I make them?

Before finding this talk of noodles, I found this tutorial on how to make stamens out of cotton thread. These stamens are for different flowers, but I figure I can make them all the same size for cherry blossoms.


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