How to Make Stamens For Sugar Cherry Blossoms and How I Learnt!

Scroll down for the tutorial.

I found this stamen tutorial and figured I could follow her steps but make them more like cherry blossom stamens.


My first attempt was unsuccessful.

The only wire I had was too thick, so I tied the loop with more thread and then made consecutive knots making the ‘stem’ a little more sturdy.


Painting the stamens in watered down glue didn’t seem to have much effect and was just a bit messy so I decided to abandon that step.


My first attempt at dipping the ends in glue was unnsuccesful. Starting to see a theme here?


But I persevered and soon discovered that if you knot the thread like this:


Tie the knot while the threads are still in a hoop, then cut them free.

This way there isn’t a devision, with half the threads pointing one way and the other the other way.

Then dip each thread in the glue one at a time and hang upside down to dry. My overly thick wire came in handy with this step.


I didn’t have any polenta like the original tutorial suggests, so I tried salt which worked too.

Here they are in flowers I made out of cold porcelain (more on that later). I also tried painting the tips brown to be more realistic, but the problem was the white thread. Cherry blossom stamens aren’t white.


I went to find a better colour but I could only find polyester thread. Which lead to a marvellous descovery:

How To Make Cherry Blossom Stamens

You will need:

Polyester thread

Polyester is made out of plastic, therefore it melts and provides its own glue!

Wind the thread around two fingers. Slip it off, you will have a loop of thread.


Snip both the ends so you have a a bunch of threads the same size. Carefully melt all of the ends, on one side, together by holding them close to the flame. Be careful not to burn yourself. If they catch fire, don’t worry, just shake it and they will go out.


Pinch the melted ends together while hot if necessary. Make sure they are all glued together.


With the other end, gently melt the tips of the loose threads. I hold them out in a fan so they don’t glue together.


Then if you want the ends even darker, dip them in brown paint, I used standard acrylic.


The best part is that they are pretty quick to make and you don’t have to worry about drying times. Just remember to use polyester thread!
I poked the stamens into the flower while still soft.


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