Healthy Cheesecake Recipe

No, this isn’t a joke or some ‘ohh I’ve used light cream cheese, so it’s healthy!” nonsence. This is actually real, even the most picky health crazed people would find this hard to deny. And the best part? It is delicious!


If you aren’t familiar with Chocolate Covered Tracey you should be. She makes healthy desserts and goes far beyond substituting sugar for bananas. I have seen chickpeas in her recipe lists. It may sound scary, and I admit, I haven’t tried any of her other recipes yet, but I trust her. If I were in my own home I would have tried a dozen of them already (I have lots of family to feed my experiments too 😉 ). Unfortunately, I’m not and feel a bit bad scaring my boyfriends family who I have just met…

But I couldn’t resist not trying one! I chose her Cinnamon Cheesecake Recipe.

I like to follow recipes to the T the first time, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any coconut oil in the spanish countryside. I looked up what to substitute it with and came up against warnings of flat cheesecakes and impossibilities. I went ahead anyway. I decided to just leave it out, it goes in the freezer anyway, may as well give it a try. If it fails, well, we will have mousse!

I also didn’t have any stevia. Or maple syrup. So I used honey.

Oh and I didn’t have any vanilla essence either. Or ready made apple sauce.

It was so unlike me! But I kind of got into this what- the-hell mode, which has never happened when baking before.

It paid off though 🙂

Cashew and Cinnamon Cheesecake

The original recipe is in cups. I am not a cup fan, normally I would painstakingly change everything to grams. Instead I used a mug and was very liberal. I think I used way more cashews. Which is maybe why it really is quite a prominent flavour…


just over 1/2 cup pitted dates (I soaked mine in hot water until soft and pitted them myself)
Cinnamon to taste
1/2 cup almonds
Pinch of salt
up to 1 tbsp water, if needed

2-4 apples or 1/2 cup apple sauce
1 vanilla pod
1 1/2 cups raw cashews, soaked over night
3 tbs of honey
2 tsp lemon juice
Cinnamon to taste

The original recipe says to ‘combine all crust ingredients in a high-quality food processor (not a blender), and process until fine sticky crumbles form.’
I only had this at my disposal:


I whizzed the almonds first and set the aside. Using scissors I cut the dates into small pieces and added them to the almonds, then whizzed the ingredients in small quantities. It takes time, but it works.

Press it into the bottom of your chosen pan or tupperware in my case. The original recipe calls for a 8,5″ round.

For the topping begin by making the apple sauce:
Peel and cut the apples and simmer in a little water with the vanilla pod (slit and scrapped) until soft then cool. I made too much because I love just eating it.
Next place all the ingredients in a blender, thankfully I had one! If its not really getting anywhere add a bit more lemon juice or water. Blend until its super smooth.

Smooth all but 2 tbs of the mixture over the crust.

Mix the remaining mixture with cinnamon until you have a contrasting colour and spread that on top too. I used a fork to creat a wavy pattern.

Put it in the freezer until set.

It did take a long time to freeze. To my delight it never freezes solid though! I wonder if thats because of the honey… The topping is like icecream! I want to experiment with other flavours and forget about the crust!


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