My attempts at making Cherry Blossoms

These flowers have all been made out of cold porcelain although I have followed sugar paste tutorials.

My boyfriend’s aunty (who we are staying with in Spain) makes necklaces and things out of cold porcelain using the same sugar craft tools as I have, so I decided to put the tutorials to the test.

What is cold porcelain?
Very briefly: a mixture of PVA glue and cornflour which when heated become a mouldable paste which air dries. Like sugar paste. Except you can’t eat it.

Perfect for practicing though 🙂

My first attempts look more like hibiscus flowers, so:

How to make Hibiscus flowers out of cold porcelain or sugar paste


Begin with a ball, shape into a tear drop and mark firmly with the star tool


With scissors cut the edges marked by the start tool


Press between finger and thumb to form petals


Use this tool or another of your choice to thin the petals as much as you can.


Mark with the star tool again.


Add stamens by threading the bunch onto a needle (if you have made these ones) or poking them in with something pointy if you have made the polyester ones. Stamen tutorial here. Use the star tool to create vanes in the petals.




So that was my first attempt. I decided that the colours were the main problems so I tried a white one with the polyester stamens.


I was pretty happy with this blossom. I thought my quest was over. It wasn’t so hard after all…

And then I saw this cake by Ana Parzych on For the Love of Cake.


Look at these cherry blossoms! They are so realistic.


It was love at first sight.

But there was no tutorial. I commented asking if she had any tips, but I haven’t had a reply yet. So I set out on my own and this is the result.

Miles better than the others!
I haven’t done a tutorial yet because I expect with practice I will get better and then I promise I will 🙂

UPDATE! Here is the promised tutorial 🙂


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