The Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

As I mentioned before, the bride had left the cake totally up to me! So much for bridezillas. I had decided on a three tiered square, white cake with cherry blossoms sweeping down the side. She was very pleased with the plan, until she got reading about feng shui in weddings. The cake should be round as a symbol of harmony and as tall as possible. It shouldn’t be white.

I had already bought the fancy multiway square tin but I figured I could cut the cakes into rounds. I prefer them round anyway. I had chosen the square so I only had to buy one tin that I could take back to England easily.

As for the colour, well, that was a bit of a shame because I think it would have looked pale, but I wasn’t the bride and it was all about pleasing her. She wanted green, the colour of new beginnings together with the pink cherry blossoms, the colour of unconditional love.

Me and the cake

There were nine cakes in total! Three in each layer for extra height. I baked them all in the two days before the wedding and decorated them long into the night before.

I used the cake boards to cut the cakes to the right sizes. I resorted to making my own boards as I couldn’t find any thin round ones in Portugal! I used cardboard and tin foil.




Looking back I wish I had given myself a bit more time, I wasn’t very pleased with the fondant. It wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. It was quite strange fondant, not like the stuff you can get in England, it was quite stretchy and not as opaque as a result.

It was also one of the first times I have used fondant, except for the odd Christmas cake, so it was a big learning step for me. I now realise that I didn’t use enough of the fillings in between the cake and the fondant, especially on the top two layers. I wish I could go back and do it again!

The bottom and better layer:





One thing I am pleased with was the ribbon, I simply dipped it in water and stuck it onto the fondant! This is how the three layers were left the night before the wedding, hardly leaving space for anything else in the fridge!


The next day at the wedding I put it together with the help of a very kind waiter. It was a bit of a struggle getting the cakes off the cardboard and as a result the ribbon did move slightly in some places 😦

Attaching the flowers was pretty straight forward though, I just stuck them in, using others for support by intertwining the branches.

For the very top I made two butterflies as bride and groom, also a feng shui symbol for love and romance.



The newlyweds!


Lessons to bare in mind for next time:

Make sure the crumb coat is perfectly smooth before putting on the fondant.
Don’t put the ribbon on until the cakes are stacked.
Give myself more time!
Don’t decorate into the morning hours while drinking wine! You may not notice the flaws until its too late!

Don’t have time to make your own cherry blossoms? Buy everlasting cherry blossoms in my Etsy shop! 

The Recipes

Chocolate Orange Bottom Layer

Red Velvet Middle Layer

Pistachio and Rose Top Layer


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