Sugar Paste Butterfly Tutorial

Its very easy to make a sugar paste butterfly with a cutter and if your not a fussy perfectionist like me, you’ll probably be quite happy with that butterfly and it will have taken you five seconds! What more do you want?

One that resembles a real butterfly! Not some chunky cut out!


Butterflies are delicate and all sorts of shapes and that was what I wanted to achieve.

But don’t worry, this way only takes a minute longer plus painting 🙂

I began with the good old cutter! If you don’t have a cutter you could definitely cut out the shape by hand, then mould it into the perfect shape like when using a cutter.


Then simply take your ball tool and thin the edges, shaping them how you like. The butterfly will naturally end up quite a lot bigger but also much more delicate and in an interesting shape! The only hard part is getting the two sides the same!


To make them a little body, if you like, simply roll a tiny sausage of sugar paste, squash it flat, press some lines into it for decoration and past it onto the butterfly with a bit of water.


The best way to dry them is on a piece of cardboard folded into a zigzag, that way they aren’t completely flat and you can choose the angle of the wings.

The final touch is painting. Only colour once totally dry.
For the ones above I used my watercolour set, now I don’t think watercolours will kill anyone but I still wouldn’t recommend eating a load of them. In this case the bride and groom kept the butterflies.

For the red velvet cake cake I used the same food colouring gel, diluted in a bit of water, I read that using vodka to dilute is good too as it evaporates faster therefore dries faster but I had no problems using water.


The butterflies are a great, they are relatively quick to make and look really impressive especially of you had lots of different coloured ones!


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