Lightest, Spongiest Banana Cake Ever

Faced with a bunch of bananas on their last legs, going squigdy and in parts even a little mouldy I decided it was time to make a banana cake.

I didn’t fancy some dense comforting banana bread full of nuts and raisins. Its the summer after all. So I set out looking for a banana chiffon cake recipe. Not any old one would do though because I don’t own a tube pan, nor does my mother who’s house I was making this cake in.


I have made an orange chiffon cake before using the same technique of cooling the cake in its pan upside down that I use for the genoise sponge. It was just a matter of finding a recipe like it that incorporated mashed banana.

I found one eventually, on somebodies blog which I stupidly forgot to bookmark and can’t find again! There are so many banana chiffon cake recipes out there and for some reason this one stood out for me. If I stumble across it again I’ll post it on here!

Being in my mums house I only had old battered cake tins at my disposal. Cake tins that had long ago given up being perfectly round, let alone there being any marking of their diametre. And before you say ‘Thats fine, just measure them’, all measuring devices (except scales, thank god!) are as impossible to find as scissors.

So I picked the cake tin that looked about the right size for the recipe and which contained less scratches. I’d worry about getting the cake out without being able to use baking paper or butter later.

The lost recipe made the most wonderful air filled yellow mixture that smelled of banana and egg. I think it used about five eggs, separated, like the genoise again.

As I poured it into the tin I thought it looked like a little too much mixture… By this point I had forgotten that I had guessed the tin size and assumed it was fine.

It came out the oven looking like a giant muffin! It has risen a good centimetre or two above the top! It would normally be a welcome and exciting development, however I had to cool this cake upside down! To avoid simply squashing it, I propped the tin on three glasses, successfully suspending the cake in mid air.
Nevertheless it sunk in the middle and I wonder if it was because of the tin size or some other fault…

It was still deliciously airy! I covered and filled it with whipped cream with slices of banana in the middle too and toasted hazelnuts or cashews (I cant remember which) pressed up the sides and sprinkled around the top.
A definite winner with me and all the family, the only trouble being that you could eat it indefinitely as it wasn’t super sweet or dense in the slightest.
Its just a shame I have lost the recipe!





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