Roasted Rose and White Wine Nectarine and Apricots with Almonds

Here is another super simple dessert which, unlike the chocolate fondant, is guilt free! In fact I had this for breakfast yesterday without even a trace of ‘I shouldn’t be eating dessert for breakfast‘.
Believe it or not, I do try to be healthy but I love to indulge too, everything in moderation right? But if you can make something thats healthy and tastes like a naughty treat then your winning!


Especially if you can have it for breakfast too.

This was the result of a successful experiment and like I said pretty simple.
I cut up a nectarine and and some apricots and popped them in the oven at about 180c in a little baking dish.
I hadn’t thought to do anything else to them, I love roasted fruit just as it is.

Pondering around the kitchen sipping my glass of wine My eyes rested on a packet if almonds, so I chopped a few up and chucked them in.

I’m pretty obsessed with rose water at the moment, and figured it would probably go with the nectarines, maybe not so much with the apricots but never mind. I wanted to have a little sauce and didn’t want to use sugar so I added a bit of rose water to my wine and poured that in too. Drizzled with a teaspoon of honey and baked until they looked soft and slightly changed in colour.

That evening I had them warm just as they were and they were delicious.

For breakfast I made myself some pancakes to go with them and that was even better.

To top it all off with I have discovered this amazing yoghurt which tastes like vanilla ice cream and its live!



So just to give you a little resume of the ‘recipe‘:

The amounts are up to you, heres what I used roughly

A nectarine, in slices
3 apricotes, in halves
Handful of almonds, chopped roughly
A small glass of white wine
About a tsp of rose water
Tsp of honey

Pop everything in a baking dish and bake until they are soft.
Easy as that!


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