How to Make Speedy Banoffee Pie

I’m watching The Great British Bake Off with my mum and sister, we have started making desserts for ourselves to eat while watching so we don’t get so jealous of Paul and Mary.

It does’t work, but it sure helps.


We had planned to make a great big family sized banoffee pie but we both ended up being too busy on the day to get around to it.
I had abandoned the plan but 10mins before we started it my sister looked at me with puppy eyes (this is the 18 year old one) and stuck her bottom lip out.
So we dived in the kitchen.
Naturally with two of you it’s an even faster process, she smashed biscuits while I melted butter, she whipped cream while I made caramel. A spoonful of biscuits, banana sliced in, dollop of caramel and another two of cream. Finito.
We didn’t have any chocolate to grate on top.

The little one was mums one.
Ours were made in knickablockerglory glasses! All the other vessels just seemed too small although as we layered in our ingredients the realisation of how massive they were dawned on us. But it didn’t put us off!


We settled into the Bake Off with our towers of cream and caramel. Half way through we called quites, the left over ends went in the fridge. Eating them for breakfast the next day was wishful thinking, nobody ever saw them again. Except the person that ate the lot at dawn!

My brother was miffed he didn’t get one – he had heard of the original plan – so I decided to have another go at them for him.

This would have been pretty quick if I had had a whisk. I’m staying in my grandma’s studio which has very limited kitchen facilities and utencils. I spent nearly 15 mins whisking the cream by hand with two forks bent over the sink to avoid splattering everything! It’s not advisable, but it is possible!


The great thing about making them individual is that you don’t have to worry about getting a hard base or getting the caramel perfect because you don’t have to slice them!

Makes 2

About 6 Biscuits of choice crushed – digestives, gingernut, ….
1 banana

1 tbs of butter
2-3 tbs golden caster sugar
20ml double or whipping cream

200ml double or whipping cream in soft peaks
Grated chocolate to decorate

Spoon the crushed biscuits into the bottom of two individual dishes or tea cups, you can add a bit of melted butter if you want a hard base, personally I like it crunchy. Slice banana and place over the biscuits.


Melt the butter over low heat, add the sugar and stir until it dissolves and changes colour slightly. Add the cream and continue stirring until thick. The longer you heat it the harder it will become when cooled, you could test it by dropping little amounts in cold water to see how hard it gets.

Pour caramel over the banana slices and top with the cream and chocolate. I indulged in crunchie chocolate 😉


Eat straight away or place in the fridge to cool throughly.



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