Tiramisu – now revamped into Tiramisu Cake!

My cousin loves tiramisu, in fact tiramisu is probably one of the few things that put a smile on his face besides heavy metal and guitars. With his birthday coming up I decided to revamp this delicious italian dessert into a four layer cake curtesy of Mary Berry’s recipe.


My swiss roll pan isn’t the size she recommends so I used my Silverwood multiway square cake tin that I bought for the wedding cake. I baked the sponges separately as 7″ squares – they ended up as 6″ after shrinking and having to be trimmed. But essentially you can use any tin that you can get two equal squares out of (or make a different shaped one!) but bare in mind they need to be sliced horizontally so don’t let them get too thin. I’m not sure if it would work to bake all four separately as the brandy coffee might not soak in so well.


For the sponge
a little softened butter, for greasing
4 large free-range eggs
100g/3½oz caster sugar
100g/3½oz self-raising flour (I used doves gluten free self raising)

Or divide by two to bake in separate tins.

For the filling
1 tbsp instant coffee granules
150ml/5½fl oz boiling water
100ml/3½fl oz brandy
3 x 250g/9oz tubs full-fat mascarpone cheese
300ml/10½fl oz double cream
3 tbsp icing sugar, sifted
75g/2½oz dark chocolate (36% cocoa solids), grated

Begin by making the sponge.
Whisk the sugar and eggs together until thick and pale in colour. The mixture should leave a short trail when the whisk is lifted. Fold in the flour and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180c for 20mins. If using the multiway tin its more like 15mins.
Set aside to cool.


Make the cup of coffee and add the brandy (I used 50ml as 100ml seemed a bit excessive for a 14 year olds birthday cake). Set aside to cool.

Slice the sponge/s horizontally as evenly as you can.


And trim the edges if necessary. I made mine into 6″ cakes so they will fit neatly in the tin to stack. If you have a different sized square tin make your sponges to that size – bare in mind they will probably shrink slightly so if you have a square cake tin a size down thats better to use for staking, if not you could always cover the sides with some of the cream if it came out wonky…


Whisk the mascarpone and the double cream together until combined, I didn’t bother with the icing sugar in the recipe, I don’t think it needs it.

Line the cake tin with greaseproof paper. The best way for lining a square tin in my experience is beginning with two strips of paper for the sides and one longer piece for the bottom and adjacent sides like so:



Begin putting the cake together by selecting the first layer of your beautifully sliced cake and place it in the bottom of the tin, next dribble a few tbs of the syrup on the top. Ideally a quarter of the mixture. Then spoon a quarter of the mascarpone cream on top, smooth and sprinkle with a quarter of the chocolate. Add the next layer of sponge and so on until you reach the top! Which conveniently is 4″ and the height of my tin!


Pop it in the fridge for at least one hour, I left mine overnight. To serve, manoeuvre out of the tin, I was very thankful for the fact I can take the sides off this tin. I would definitely recommend using a spring form tin unless you have heavy duty baking paper that you could lift it out of the tin with.
It was a great success and was enough for all 16 of us much to my surprise! I had even made cupcakes incase there wasn’t enough to go around which didn’t get touched.



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