White Chocolate Cage on a Naked Cake

I have been asked to make a four layer cake for a family friends 40th birthday.
His wife wants it as part of the surprise party planed. She said he likes simple victoria sponge with cream and strawberries and sent a picture of a naked wedding cake – kind of like the one I made.
I want to find a way of manning it up a bit and thought of the chocolate cage I made recently for a cheesecake.

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Creme Caramel

Creme caramel is one of those things that I have a always wanted to try making but never have. I don’t know why, its hardly an expensive dessert to make compared to others, maybe its just the time it takes in the oven has put me off in the past.
My sister has gone off to university, she decided to have a dessert party before she left and funnily enough, asked me to make a creme caramel.

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