Chocolate Cage Cheesecake Decoration

I wanted a way of sprucing my cheesecake up a bit. When I saw pictures of chocolate cages I knew I had hit on an excellent idea. I couldn’t find much information on using them with cheesecakes but I figured it must work the same way and it does. This is how I did it:


I began by measuring the perimeter of cake tin I made my cheesecake in, or you could measure the cake/cheesecake itself, that would be much more exact. Mine was still cooling though. Measure the height as well.
It came to 67cm and 4cm tall so I cut two strips of baking paper, half of the perimeter each and 6cm tall as I wanted the cage to come up over the cheesecake.
I took inspiration for my design from henna pattens and drew it on the side of the baking paper that isn’t greasy (make sure you get this part right, the chocolate needs to go on the grease side or it might not peel off), use a dark pencil or pen that you will be able to see on the other side.


Melt dark chocolate, about 50g will do for this size design. I used cheapy lidl chocolate as it was a test run and it has worked a treat. I melted it in a water bath, poured it into a sandwich bag (I don’t have a piping bag at the moment) and left it to cool a little so it wouldn’t drip. I snipped the smallest whole in the end and piped the design onto the greasy side of the paper.


Gently stick it around the side of the cheesecake, being careful to keep it in line with the bottom. Having the chocolate work on two separate smaller pieces definitely makes this part easier than if you had one long piece of baking paper.



Pop it in the fridge for at least 5mins for it to set and peel the baking paper off. I was a bit worried about this part but it was really fine and very satisfying.



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