White Chocolate Cage on a Naked Cake

I have been asked to make a four layer cake for a family friends 40th birthday.
His wife wants it as part of the surprise party planed. She said he likes simple victoria sponge with cream and strawberries and sent a picture of a naked wedding cake – kind of like the one I made.
I want to find a way of manning it up a bit and thought of the chocolate cage I made recently for a cheesecake.


For the test run I decided to use white chocolate just to experiment, for the actual cake I think I will use dark because I think it will make it less wedding-y.

I wasn’t sure how the cage would work on a naked cake, whether it would stick or look strange without an opaque background, but I think it worked just fine 🙂



Next was the design.

I decided to do some sketches to get an idea. I am a little worried that four layers of it may be a bit much, but I’m hoping the berries will balance it out…


Then my aunt hand a brain wave. He surfs! Why not make a cage design of lots of little surfboards line up with the odd hidden shark for a laugh! I would do this on all the layers though, not just the bottom.



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