40th Birthday Chocolate Cage Surfboard Cake

I can’t stop kicking myself for not being able to get a decent photo! But hey, I can’t spend the day reminiscing on what could have been if I had a decent camera. Or any camera for that matter.


I discovered an excellent way of making the perfect Victoria sponge by weighing the eggs in their shells and using equal amounts of butter, sugar and flour.
I made eight sponges in total, four inch, six inch, eight inch and ten inch, two of each which I filled with whisked cream and strawberries. I used 1.2L of cream, 1.2kg of strawberries, 1.4kg of butter, sugar, flour and eggs. The result was one heavy cake!

I was so busy putting it all together that I didn’t have a chance to take photos of the process, which is also a shame…

Sorting out the chocolate design was a bit of a nightmare, I had made a inch wide template and drawn out all the sheets of baking paper before realising that the cakes shrunk by half an inch! A whole hours of wasted work!
With the help of a handy trained engineer I soon had the right size šŸ™‚

The next problem came to deciding what to do about transporting the cake. If I put the chocolate work on before taking it to the party there was no way I could move it all put together with two dirt tracks to drive down. And it would be impossible to assemble the cake with the chocolate surfboards on as they were designed to be a few cm taller than each layer.

The only thing to do was rethink the design. I decided on alternating surfboards with chocolate waves. The waves were just above level with the top of the layer meaning I could pop the top two layers on top of the bottom two at the party.
I transported it with the baking paper still on like this:


Putting it together at the party was fun, I had a big crowd of people watching me unwrap it and balance strawberries on the sides – there where no major disasters thankfully – and everyone was really impressed!

It kind of looks like a great gothic castle or tower! I’m really pleased with the waves, I think they set the scene brilliantly where as if I had done all surfboards it may have looked too spikey… It tasted delicious too!






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