Past√©is de Nata: On the Way to Perfection

I am utterly amazed to announce I have nearly, nearly made the perfect Pastel de Nata!
And it didn’t even take too many experiments, only a lot of reading of both Portuguese and English blogs. I can’t quite believe how far from the real thing some of the famous chefs recipes are! I’m sure they are lovely custard tarts. But that wasn’t what I wanted. I want the real deal. A delicious crispy pot of creamy goodness. My perseverance paid off!

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Raspberry and Chocolate Angel Cake Recipe

For a reason I am soon to divulge I had twelve egg whites on my hands. There’s only one thing to do in such a situation: make Angel Cake!
The decision is shortly followed by: Angel Cake with what?
This time the answer was raspberry cream and chocolate ganache!

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Making Arepas with my Colombian Uncle

It is said G makes the best arepas in his whole family. Now, I’ve only ever tasted his, but I believe it because they are delicious! Arepas are a staple part of Colombian gastronomy, like our bread here. You could probably classify them as a flat bread made from maize. They eat them for breakfast and/or dinner with whatever you have to hand or like. Again, like bread. G likes his with fried eggs, my aunty likes hers with avocado and cheese. I have been nagging G to teach me to make them for sometime and this weekend he did!

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Baking with the Small People: Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cookies Recipe

I often bake with my gluten intolerant cousins (age 7 and 9), I love seeing how they are getting more and more interested in the kitchen just like I was at their age. Although we draw the line at big J making toffee apples alone in the middle of the night – thankfully the only thing hurt was a now very black saucepan.
For Christmas big J got The Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids by Adriana Rabinvich and we are slowly making our way through the sweet recipes. Yesterday we made Snickerdoodles, frankly because they have a cool name.

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