Raspberry and Chocolate Angel Cake Recipe

For a reason I am soon to divulge I had twelve egg whites on my hands. There’s only one thing to do in such a situation: make Angel Cake!
The decision is shortly followed by: Angel Cake with what?
This time the answer was raspberry cream and chocolate ganache!


Seeing as there is no fat in Angel Cake it seemed only right to smother it in 650ml of cream.

I had a grand plan to try that super cool petal piping that is all over Pinterest but alas, my mental ganache had other plans but more on that later.

Angel Cakes tend to scare people.

If I didn’t have an electric beater they sure would scare me! The other reason I have only recently started making Angel Cake (besides rarely having twelve egg whites to hand) is that I always thought you needed a tube pan. But no! No tube pan necessary for this recipe from Annie Bell’s wonderful baking bible.

The reason tube pans are used is that the mixture uses it for support as it is basically just a big cloud of whisked egg whites with a sprinkle of sugar and flour. This recipe stops the cake from sinking into a sad nothingness by cooling it upsidedown. A very important step being don’t grease the pan! Or it will just drop straight out when you invert the tin.
Cooling upside down allows the cake to stabilise without it shrinking or sinking.

They are actually pretty straight forward, quick cakes to make. The result is beautifully light, airy and quite tasteless. So its great to pair it with some interesting flavours.
Heres one I made with a mascarpone frosting covered in mini smarties for my sisters birthday a couple of years ago. This recipe makes quite a tall cake so its great for decorating!



I would recommend making this mixture in two separate parts due to the shear volume of the egg whites.
It had been a while since I made it , I forgot and had to divide the egg whites roughly in half after breaking them all into the mixer. I also forgot that you need two tins. Is this a good time to recommend always reading recipes all the way through even if you’ve made them before?
I only had one tin, my mums 9in has a disappearing bottom. Then again her oven wouldn’t have cooked two cakes at once and this isn’t the kind of cake that would appreciate an uneven oven!
I realised this after I had made the mixture by beating the egg whites and sugar in two parts and then putting them in one big bowl before adding the flour to it all. I put half in the one tin and covered the second in cling film, pressing it down against the airy mixture. I know that it’s a big no-no to leave cake mixtures once the wet ingredients are mixed with the dry as the raising agents are activated but I didn’t really have much of a choice.
Not only did this mix have to wait the 40mins baking time, but it had to wait for the cake to cool too! I put it outside (which is currently colder than the fridge) so it didn’t take too long.

The cake mix did look a little odd for being left for the better part of an hour. The top was very fluffy, the bottom creamier but it still baked fine and has the same consistency as the first one, although it’s a little less risen, though that could be my unequal division of the mix. Never a forté of mine. I should weigh it out like they do on the Bake Off.

I shall be making a note on making the mixtures separate on my recipe book!

A quick note on the ganache. I wanted to make a pipe-able whipped ganache so I could give it a fancy frosting. I used this recipe which I have used before without a problem and I have no idea what went wrong. The ganache never went like butter cream. I even tried adding milk to thin it out as it got harder and harder. There was no way of getting it through a piping bag, so I did my best to smooth it on as it set rapidly. Like cake wrapped in chocolate truffle. Luckily I had a flower made as another decorating option!




12 egg whites
1/3 tsp fine salt
1 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
375g icing sugar
200g plain white flour

Raspberry Cream
(This makes enough to fill and top the cake if you don’t fancy the ganache, I put left overs in the freezer)
250g frozen raspberries, thawed
500ml cream
3tbs icing sugar

Chocolate ganache
I would suggest using a different recipe as mine faild! 😦

Use two 23cm tins or divide the cake ingredients in half and make them separetly. Due to the amount of egg whites, this is an easier option

Preheat oven to 150c.
Whisk egg whites, salt and cream of tartar until stiff peaks form.
Add sugar, a spoonful at a time, whisking in between.
Carefully fold in sifted flour in three parts.
Pour into tin/s.
Do not grease or line the cake tin! the mixture needs to be able to cling to it.
Bake for 35-40mins until it springs back when touched.
Invert tins as soon as it’s out the oven and leave to cool completely.

For the raspberry cream

Mush half the raspberries with a fork, mix in the rest.
Whip the cream to soft peaks with the icing sugar.
Fold in the raspberries.
Try not to eat it all before it goes in the cake.

Once the cake is cool, slice each one in half so you will have four layers.
Pile 2 -3 big spoons of raspberry cream in between each layer.



Make the chocolate ganache and decorate to your liking 🙂

For a lovely summer cake I would pile the rest of the raspberry cream on top and drop some fresh raspberries on too.

I will have to give in to the need to use butter cream and have a go at the petal frosting one day. I just don’t like how sweet it is thats why I prefer ganache or cream. I’m curious to know how other people get around decorating without essentially rolling your cake in sugar?



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