Chocolate and Coffee Torte Recipe

This is the ideal indulgent chocolate dessert. Its not fussy to make yet looks rather sophisticated. In fact its actually quite quick to make! The recipe does call for “several hours or over night” in the fridge but mine had about one or two in the freezer and was fine. I made it for a last minute dinner party and it went down a treat with ice cream.

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Pancake Day Recipes and its Introduction to a Spanish Family

Pancake Day marks the beginning of Lent, why pancakes you may ask? Well, I wondered that too, so I had a look and it’s to do with using up what is left of your luxurious food such as eggs, milk and sugar. But not everyone celebrates Pancake Day; Italy, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries celebrate Carnival, which derives from the words carne levare, to take away meat.
Growing up in Portugal, we were always too busy getting dressed up for the parades to even think of pancakes, which is amazing considering how much I love pancakes! I could eat them all day, any day.
Every weekend we would make pancakes for breakfast, its probably one of the first things I learnt how to make and cooked alone. I remember my mum teaching me, ‘an egg per mug of flour and enough milk to make it the right runny consistency’, it’s the closest I have ever gotten to using a recipe! Continue reading

Cake for the Birds

I’m not one to throw away bakes that haven’t turned out the way I had hoped. I couldn’t believe it when Ian dumped his baked alaska in the bin on the GBBO. ‘Surely you could still eat it?!’ I yelled at the tv, Mary and Paul agreed much to my satisfaction. But after today I can relate to Ian.
Sometimes it gets a little too much, maybe you expect a little too much of yourself or choose something a little too weird like black sesame ice cream or a sponge cake with whipping cream as an ingredient.

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