Cake for the Birds

I’m not one to throw away bakes that haven’t turned out the way I had hoped. I couldn’t believe it when Ian dumped his baked alaska in the bin on the GBBO. ‘Surely you could still eat it?!’ I yelled at the tv, Mary and Paul agreed much to my satisfaction. But after today I can relate to Ian.
Sometimes it gets a little too much, maybe you expect a little too much of yourself or choose something a little too weird like black sesame ice cream or a sponge cake with whipping cream as an ingredient.


I found a recipe book in a shop called 80 Cakes from Around the World by Claire Clark, the recipe in question was in it and caught my eye. I had never seen a cake made with whipped cream in the mixture its self. And not just a little cream, it’s one of the main ingredients, folded in like you would egg whites. Well, I just had to try it.
I cheekily snapped a photo of the recipe, sorry Claire, I would have bought the book but the recipes arn’t as authentic as you seem to claim them to be.

If anyone else wants to try it, here you go. Please, please let me know how you get along!


It all seemed to go well, the mix looked and tasted amazing! But alas, after 30mins in the oven the cake was still batter with a crust. The crust got darker, but the cake continued to wobble. I put a piece of tin foil over the top and after 1 hour and 15 minutes, I took it out to cool. It looked a little burnt, but I could cover it, I reasoned.

This is the photo I optimistically took thinking I could so a before and after transformation. Ha ha.

No such luck, I sliced it open only to discover it was raw inside!

I had made the custard while the cake ‘baked’ and so I salvaged what I could from the cake, the lower part of the edges where ok, and gave the rest to the birds. They loved it! The garden was full of seaguls, its a shame I only thought to take the photo later when the crows helped themselves to the scraps.

I was rather excited about the custard as I adore mango but its rather sweet due to the condensed milk. It also never set much, I expected it to be able to hold its form. I probably didn’t simmer it long enough.

Oh it really wasn’t my day in the kitchen. Who knows where I went wrong, or where I went right more like! I shall have a safe pizza for dinner to avoid any further disasters.

Here’s one of the two salvaged parts of the cake with coconut cream on top. Its ok. A bit stogy. The custard and coconut cream are nice together though. Maybe I’ll mix them together and make an ice cram attempt.
What would you do with a load of over sweet custard?

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