Fancy Breakfast! Devonshire Splits/Chudleigh Recipe

A light yeast leavened bun filled with jam and cream. Almost like a healthier version of a doughnut. No deep frying and only a little sugar to activate the yeast, besides the jam of course.

These buns are fairly straight forward to make and look pretty professional with pipped cream, I made them as a treat for breakfast when a friend of mine came to visit. We filled them with her mums delicious homemade hedgerow jelly, alghough Paul calls for strawberry jam.

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Zesty Crusted Haddock with Purple Kale

Today was one of those satisfying dinners where I set out to make something quick and simple. I popped to my fishmongers after work, picked a fillet of haddock which I planned to pan fry and have with some salad leaves. Then my brain started whirling, I wanted something a little more exciting. 


I chopped up some fresh chilli, which I keep in the freezer so its always to hand, grated some garlic and ginger, rubbed it on the fish with a squeeze of lemon and set it aside while I answered some emails. During this marinading time I thought of fishfingers – a guilty pleasure of mine – and how satisfying the crunchy outside is. I chopped up some stale bread into breadcrumbs, which I mixed with lemon zest and parmasan, inspired by this recipe

I pan fried the fish in a little butter for 2 minutes, spooned the crumbs on top and put them under the grill for another 2 minutes. Meanwhile I boiled some purple kale – a first for me! Its very similar to purple sprouting broccoli in flavour and lookes super cool. You know your eating something good for you when the water is this colour! 


To finish it all off, take the fish out of the pan and place it back on a low heat, add a knob of butter, a squeeze of lemon and any marinading juice leftover. Leave this on the heat while you drain the kale, pop it on a plate, fish on top, drizzle the sauce around and ta-dah! Monday has been livened up significantly!  

My Little Sister’s 11th Birthday Cake

I loved being 11. I can’t remember why exactly, perhaps it was living on a mountain I was free to roam at ease, spending my summers swimming in beautiful rivers, becoming finally fluent in the language I was studying in, the joys of childhood were many for me. I really can’t complain. It was also the year my youngest sister was born. And here we are, 11 years later! It deserved a good cake. A cake planned by the birthday girl herself!

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Tiramisu Cake Decoration

I made this for my mum’s birthday, but I can’t help noting what an excellent cake it would make for a man. It can be hard decorating manly cakes – chocolate cages are an excellent option I find, I resorted to them for the Surf Board Cake, I love how diverse they are – you can pipe the chocolate into whatever pattern you like! Even writing or drawings, imagine caricatures! That would be cool. They also look totally stylish. I’m a big fan in case you can’t tell.

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Spicey Butternut Squash Salad

This was my dinner last night and my pack lunch today, it’s delicious hot or cold.

Peel and cut a butternut squash into bite size pieces, toss with rose harissa paste and olive oil, or flavourings of your choice. Roast with sliced onion and garlic until soft and caramelised. Serve on top of baby leaves and cucmber with peelings of parmasan and I had some chedda too! Easy, simple, delicious. 

Noodles for Noodles! 

Lately I have been living off noodles.

Noodle soup to be more specific. It all started with seeing a recipe for homemade pot noodles. The concept is simple: put noodes, veg and flavours in a container, cover with boiling water, leave sealed for 10 mins, stir and eat! It was suggested as a healthy alternative to taking sandwiches to work, it’s also a hot pack lunch which makes a nice change – providing there is a kettle available of course. It would be a real pain if there wasn’t, you’d be left to pick veg out of dry noodles. Wouldn’t that be enough to ruin your day?


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Clandestine Cake Club and Tres Leches Cake – Take 2

I’ve joined the Clandestine Cake Club, also known as CCC, to encourage me to bake different things and it’s an excuse to sit around eating and talking cake! The last theme was around the world in 80 cakes and inspired me to try the disastrous Natas Cake, after that failure I decided to have another shot at the Tres Leches. I wanted to make a better presented one, I decided to make two which I would stack and decorate with some fancy pipping. The plan was simple enough…

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