Noodles for Noodles! 

Lately I have been living off noodles.

Noodle soup to be more specific. It all started with seeing a recipe for homemade pot noodles. The concept is simple: put noodes, veg and flavours in a container, cover with boiling water, leave sealed for 10 mins, stir and eat! It was suggested as a healthy alternative to taking sandwiches to work, it’s also a hot pack lunch which makes a nice change – providing there is a kettle available of course. It would be a real pain if there wasn’t, you’d be left to pick veg out of dry noodles. Wouldn’t that be enough to ruin your day?



I haven’t actually tried this out as a pack lunch, but it makes an excellent speedy lunch or dinner. If you make it all in a pan that’s 3 mins cooking plus cutting time. No excuses for not having time for a home cooked meal! How soupy you make it is up to you, I didn’t use much in the photo above for example, as long as the noodles are covered your ok, and remeber they soak up quite a bit of water.

Some pointers for deliciousness

Grated garlic and ginger – it becomes pastelike and disapears into the stock
Fresh chilli – if it gets too hot, a tsp of sugar or honey will counteract it
Squeeze of lemon or lime at the end of cooking
Miso – you could just use a stock cube or bouillion, but miso is tasty and nutritious
Coconut milk instead of water with green thai curry paste – not so kettle friendly
Sesame/linseeds – another texture and nutritious
Sesame seed oil
Soya sauce
Feel free to garnish ramen style with egg, meat, fish, tofu, …
Slice your veg as thin as you can – it takes less time to cook. I use my peeler 😉 When choosing noodles, go for the fine ones unless your doung it all in a pan. I use fine egg noodles.



What veg? 

All veg! Anything you fancy or have kicking about.
A good staple is spring greens or pak choi, carrot and spring onion.
I’ve also tried mushrooms, baby corn, onion, cabbage, broccoli, sweet peas with great success.

It was a day when I was really scraping the barrel veg wise that I remembered seeing my friend from Hong Kong having egg with noodles 🙂 I soft boiled it seperately, it was definitely worth it. I had never peeled a soft boiled egg before.

Step by steph in photos

I made this one in an empty icecream container – perfect for pack lunch


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