My Little Sister’s 11th Birthday Cake

I loved being 11. I can’t remember why exactly, perhaps it was living on a mountain I was free to roam at ease, spending my summers swimming in beautiful rivers, becoming finally fluent in the language I was studying in, the joys of childhood were many for me. I really can’t complain. It was also the year my youngest sister was born. And here we are, 11 years later! It deserved a good cake. A cake planned by the birthday girl herself!


She did me a little sketch, I must find it and add it to this post, and I took ot from there.  The last few days have been intense to say the least. I have been juggling a new job, my first etsy order (yippeee!), my mums birthday cake (see previous post), my sister’s cake and her birthday party preparations!

My house reached a whole new level of mess: sugar work covered the table. Little flags, butterflies, flowers, paintbrushes and icing sugar mingled together with the cold porecelain flowers! The kitchen looked like a bomb of cake mix had gone off in it! The bathroom covered in paper mache, bits of ripped newspaper, popped baloons and glue will probably be found for days now!

I lived off raw cake mix (who can resist licking out the bowl, even if its the third cake you’ve baked and its 11pm?), buttercream and icing scraps for two days. I didn’t even attempt to make this into a tutorial! I had never made a cake like this myself, each part attempted with fingers crossed. There weren’t any major mishaps though. I do however have enough sugar flowers and little flags for five more cakes!

I generally avoid using huge amounts of sugar in my decoration, I prefer using cream over buttercream and it never occurs to me to dust things with icing sugar. I’m the person docking 20% of sugar off recipes and hoping they still work! Not this time though and I have to admit it was very fun!

The best part was my little sister’s excited face and squeels when she saw it! She chose the flavours: chocolate and orange sponge (I surprised her with my first ever checkerboard cake!) for the bottom, genoise sandwiched with cookies and cream (I told her no way, but gave in as another surprise – it was delicious! I chopped a load of oreos and mixed them with mascarpone!) for the middle, coffee and walnut for the top.


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