Banoffee Cheesecake Attempt #3

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Quick update on the banana-caramel situation 

They arn’t the best friends.

Well, we already knew that. But I decided to put them side by side, under supervision and see how they got along.

They weren’t pleased at all. I even dipped the banana in lemon juice first. I made simple, pure, melted sugar caramel which I tried dipping the banana slice in, it came out clean and slightly cooked, so I tried pouring it over and it wasn’t too keen on that either. 

Someone from work suggested its probably due to the water content pf fresh fruit. Which does make sense, perhaps I’ll follow his idea of using dried banana.

The next day:  the caramel has  turned to liquid. So, I’ve had them for breakfast on my porridge 🙂  

Light as a Feather Gluten Free Sponge

Genoise sponge is my go to cake recipe, its such a simple and versatile sponge. The only bad thing about it is that you could literally never stop eating it, it’s not dense or sickly sweet allowing fillings to be shown off. I love it with cream and berries, chocolate ganache, mousses, lemon drizzle, … Turn all your favourite flavoured cakes into fat free versions! Well, besides the cream of course. But this post is about my gluten free version.

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Porridge!

Porridge was my worst nightmare growing up. I remember mum pretending to sprinkle extra sugar on it in an attempt to make us eat it. When I left home. I decided that was it, I would never need to go near the stuff again. I was in control of my own breakfast! 

Funnily enough it was studying the personification of porridge in Cold Comfort Farm at A-level that made me think I should give it another go. And mark my words, the book does no favours for porridge, it’s the symbol of the sexual tension between mother and son in a hilarious parody of DH Lawrence. 

Ever since it has been on my breakfast list. Rarely without a good make over, its true, but thats just it. Porridge is boring. Especially made with salt and water like I do (I don’t use enough milk to keep it in the house). But add a cardomon pod, some cinnamon, a bit of ginger and you’ve got chai porridge! Or desiccated coconut and some slices of mango – tropical porridge! Who would have thought? Today I was a. It naughty and had banana, cinnamon and a spoonful of chocolate ganache left over from a cake. Still ten times healthier than cocopos though!  


Massaman Noodle Soup

This is really simple and delicous. Massaman curry paste is a new addition to my life and one I won’t turn away from anytime soon. Unless I get it together and start making my own curry paste… One day, one day! Its not very spicey and kind of sweet. For this spontaneous soup I used up the veg in my fridge, they worked really well together and feel free to follow them or use whatever you have! I ‘d love to hear what you like massaman curry paste with! 

Fry onions, garlic and ginger untill golden. Add diced aubergine and a large teaspoon of massaman curry paste. Fry until aromatic. Add coconut milk or coconut cream, simmer until the aubergine is cooked then add a handfull of noodles or two and some frozen peas. Depends how much you want! Be carefull not to overcook the noodles though! Follow the packet onstructions, usually between 3-5 minutes. If you have any fresh coriander chuck some on top and enjoy!

I love using aubergine in vegitarian cuisine, its a great meat substitute due to it’s spongy consistency, it absorves flavours and lets out its own juice similarily to meat. I don’t bother salting it as I never remember too.