Don’t Underestimate the Power of Porridge!

Porridge was my worst nightmare growing up. I remember mum pretending to sprinkle extra sugar on it in an attempt to make us eat it. When I left home. I decided that was it, I would never need to go near the stuff again. I was in control of my own breakfast! 

Funnily enough it was studying the personification of porridge in Cold Comfort Farm at A-level that made me think I should give it another go. And mark my words, the book does no favours for porridge, it’s the symbol of the sexual tension between mother and son in a hilarious parody of DH Lawrence. 

Ever since it has been on my breakfast list. Rarely without a good make over, its true, but thats just it. Porridge is boring. Especially made with salt and water like I do (I don’t use enough milk to keep it in the house). But add a cardomon pod, some cinnamon, a bit of ginger and you’ve got chai porridge! Or desiccated coconut and some slices of mango – tropical porridge! Who would have thought? Today I was a. It naughty and had banana, cinnamon and a spoonful of chocolate ganache left over from a cake. Still ten times healthier than cocopos though!  



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