Light as a Feather Gluten Free Sponge

Genoise sponge is my go to cake recipe, its such a simple and versatile sponge. The only bad thing about it is that you could literally never stop eating it, it’s not dense or sickly sweet allowing fillings to be shown off. I love it with cream and berries, chocolate ganache, mousses, lemon drizzle, … Turn all your favourite flavoured cakes into fat free versions! Well, besides the cream of course. But this post is about my gluten free version.


I couldn’t be more pleased to find that this recipe works exactly the same with gluten free flour. I have on occasion added a teaspoon on xantham gum, but it doesn’t really need it. I use Doves Plain Flour which I think has some in it anyway. I find adapting recipes to gluten free can often end in slightly grainy textures but that isn’t the case here. You really wouldn’t know the difference!

I baked it in a 7″ tin, hence it being pretty tall, but the original recipe calls for an 8″ tin.

For the filling I blended about 6-8 frozen cherries and folded them into 300ml of double cream. Simple and delicious! This whole cake probably took no longer than 1 1/2 to make, including the 40minutes in the oven.


I think it would have looked rather cute without the sides covered and cherries on the top but I had some flags left over from my little sister’s birthday cake, which I later discovered weren’t too pleased to be on cream and melted a bit. I piled a few cherries on the top to finish it off and it went down a storm, even after an enormous family feast!  Then again, there is always room for dessert 😉


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