Banoffee Cheesecake Attempt #2

This follows my first attempt at combining cheesecake and banoffee pie into one delicious dessert fit for a wedding cake! What with the wedding looming ever nearer, it was about time I had another go.

It is yet to be a total success, but I did make a break through. Along with a rather large mistake.


I have been battling with how to not cook the banana, yet still follow the classic biscuit, banana, caramel, cream order. Oh, and have a baked cheesecake. So. This time I baked the cheesecake crustless and made the crust separately. I then covered the biscuit base with thick slices of banana and poured over a tin of caramel. Yes I know, totally cheating! But seeing as I’m going to be making this in Greece I wanted to cut as many corners as possible in hope it will lower my stress levels 😉 then came the difficult part: manoeuvring the very delicate cheesecake onto the base.

My parents gave me a fancy ‘cake slide’, specifically for cake moving, which I got it out eagerly but it didn’t help. The cheesecake wouldn’t ‘slide’ anywhere. It seemed to have decided it rather liked the board it was on and had stuck to it. Not in a gluey way, but in a vacuum sort of way. It turned an alarming oval on any attempt to transfer it onto the cake slide. Abandoning that plan, I decided to go for the obvious and less reliable option, I kind of wiggled and wobbled it off and straight onto, or into I should say, the caramel layer. It made the journey with just a little crack to show for it.

It wasn’t until the next day, when cutting into it, that I realised I had left the sheet of baking paper on the cheesecake layer!

Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t slice smoothly through a cheesecake! It’s got to be up there with the silliest things I have ever done baking! There was no way to slide or pull it out without the whole cheesecake dismantling. Which it already was. The caramel had come pouring out too.

I had hope for a well defined layer of banana surrounded by set caramel. I probably should have checked if the tinned caramel set before using it. Because it doesn’t. Although I think the banana made it a little runnier. I wonder what it is in banana that does it? I would love to know a scientific reason… I have put my handy chemical engineer up to the challenge, but its a little out of his area research, funnily enough! So, if you have the answer you’ll make my day!

The Verdict:
It was absolutely delicious! I captured the banoffee pie flavour without it being too sweet. I used this cheesecake recipe and it was amazing, you wouldn’t have thought it was baked. I did substitute the sour cream for greek yoghurt which may have had some effect on the consistency. It was silky smooth and very creamy, not crumbly and close textured like many baked cheesecakes can be. Or maybe should be? I have always favoured unbaked because of it. I am worried that it’s not stable enough to take dowel rods for a second tier. I shall have to test that too! Next time I will try another recipe to compare and have a go at my own caramel. So watch this space for my next attempt!


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