Banoffee Cheesecake Attempt #3

In the words of the lovely couple that are getting married: GREAT SUCCESS!    I used Jamie Oliver’s New York Cheesecake recipe this time. The result is much the same as the one I used previously but it uses less eggs, so I’ll stick with it. I made one layer with double cream as the recipe states, and one with yoghurt. I haven’t actually tried the smaller, yoghurt version yet, but consistency wise it looks much the same. I’ll update this if there is any big difference. As for the dreaded caramel, after my little experiment I have decided to give up on having the banana in the caramel and followed the custom of banoffee pie, laying the slices on top of the already set caramel. I followed Annie Bell’s directions of melting 125g of butter with 100g of light muscovado sugar, adding a tin of  caramel and bringing to the boil, stirring. I checked on my sugar themomiter and bought it up to 200c. I then poured it over the two cheesecake biscuit bases (9″ and 7″) and left it to set. I sliced 5 bananas to cover the caramel and then came the terrifying part of getting the cheesecakes onto the bases! I think when I. Do this in Greece I ‘ll put the bottoms on their serving plates first. That way the cheesecake can just be slid onto the banana. I think. Its pretty scary getting them back into the tin, although you can smooth any dents or wobbles with a warm palet knife 🙂     Then came the stacking. It was no problem at all! I cut the dowel rods to the height of the cheesepart, they wouldn’t go through the biscuit base. They slid in nicely and weren’t too unstable at all. I popped the second cheesecake on top, no problem!     On my first attempt I made a chocolate cage in a mehendi style design, this time I mirrored the invite which is cute but I think the mehendi is more beautiful.           Now the only thing left to sort out is the final decoration and I’m thinking dired pineapple flowers! Look how beautiful they are on this cake by The Moon Blush Baker! I could make a couple for the top which would add height. Ideally I would go for 3 tiers but I. Don’t think I need the extra stress. It is tempting though… I’d have to work out how to make mixture for a tiny little tin! Oh, and then I could have dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate cages!    


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