Super Healthy, Super Easy Dessert – Silky Smooth Vegan Pannacotta! 

This is literally 100% guilt free! I have a very health concious aunt who triggers my healthy recipes. Mainly by buying the ingredients and lending me her kitchen 😉 not a bad deal at all. I even get a helping hand in the form of my cousin. Not that it was neede for this easy peasy recipe.

Currently she is gluten free and dairy free (mainly, I’m not going to bore you with the details), this dessert is also vegan. Which is perhaps a first for me… Oh, I almost forgot. Its delicious too! 


Its so simple it seems like cheating! Ready for the igredients list? You guessed it. They are all in the picture! Well, almost.

400ml Coconut milk plus a liquid of your choice to bring it up to 1 pint (I used rice milk)
1 tsp Vegeset – or setting agent of your choice

Simply sprinkle a tsp of vegeset over the cold coconut milk in a pan, whisk it in, turn on the heat and stire until it thickens and just before it begins to boil pour it into your moulds. Leave to set. Which is pretty fast with vegeset! Tada! Finito! Vegan Pannacotta!

This seems to work with anything!

Next I took a bag of frozen cherries which I covered in red grape juice untill it reached 1 pint. Added a tsp of vegeset, warmed it up and we have a… Umm… Very delicious thick jelly?

Which looks and tastes pretty cool with the coconut pannacotta:

Both these desserts are very stable, not wobbly like jelly, the coconut is particularily creamy and melts on your tongue. They taste wonderfully indulgent and silky smooth.

The world really is your oyster with this simple formula: 1pint liquid, 1tsb vegeset. What will you make?

What about blended cashewnuts and cinnamon reminicent of my healthy icecream, or mango and passion fruit? Mmm. Add chai spices to the coconut milk, or a vanilla pod. Ohh! I need to get some vegeset and get experimenting! I’d love to hear your ideas and experiences too! 


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