About me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have loved cooking and baking since I can remember. I grew up helping both of my parents around the camp fire and the kitchen. From chapatis to barbacues to Christmas Dinner, I was involved. My best friend and I would spend weekends at each others homes baking all sorts of cakes with what we could pull together in our rural Portuguese mountains, neither of us had electricity let alone a fridge. Needless to say, her mechanical hand whisk was a prized possession and the source of many arguments. I moved back to England where I began working as a waitress in a rosetted restaurant, allowing me to grill pastry chefs for secrets while I put myself through art school. I never strayed far from baking, my final project was a piece of branding for a cake company which became the beginning of this blog in fact!

I work as a jeweller in Cornwall where I live in a small studio on the top of a hill. I have the smallest excuse for a kitchen but a beautiful view and I make do surprisingly well! I often cook at my parents house, especially big family feasts – often world themed. I love trying new foods and recipes! Or at my aunts house with my little cousins. They are gluten intolerant so you will find plenty of recipes modified for them!

I have a terrible sweet tooth which I try to keep at bay. Although I indulge myself, I am aware that I have just one body which I wont treat like a dustbin. So you will find a mixture of things on here, both healthy and not.

I’m fighting the misconception that its hard, time consuming and expensive to cook nice food for one. Under Meal for One you will often find quick and easy things I have made for myself in my tiny kitchen, some more complex things might slip in now and again though. I make no promises on where this blog is going!

I embark on mad adventures like making tiered cheesecakes on Greek islands for my friends wedding and whisk up random recipe-less cakes out of nothing to kill a midnight craving. I can be a perfectionist or a oh-just-put-it-in-the-oven-ist. 

I love baking for my friends and family members. I also love drawing, painting and moulding cold porcelain flowers. Travelling and animals. Reading novels and writing this blog!

I hope you join me on my adventure and take part by getting in contact, sharing your ideas and stories!


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