Sugar Paste Butterfly Tutorial

Its very easy to make a sugar paste butterfly with a cutter and if your not a fussy perfectionist like me, you’ll probably be quite happy with that butterfly and it will have taken you five seconds! What more do you want?

One that resembles a real butterfly! Not some chunky cut out!

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My attempts at making Cherry Blossoms

These flowers have all been made out of cold porcelain although I have followed sugar paste tutorials.

My boyfriend’s aunty (who we are staying with in Spain) makes necklaces and things out of cold porcelain using the same sugar craft tools as I have, so I decided to put the tutorials to the test.

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How to Make Stamens For Sugar Cherry Blossoms and How I Learnt!

Scroll down for the tutorial.

I found this stamen tutorial and figured I could follow her steps but make them more like cherry blossom stamens.


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Research: Sugar Paste Cherry Blossoms

In hope of creating a wedding cake for my mother-kind-of-in-law I have begun researching how to make cherry blossoms out of sugar.
My sugar craft skills are definitely beginner, so far I have roses and swans to my name, however I am determined to give it a go.

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