Starting Again

So, I began this blog….well, way to long ago! I managed a whole one post, oh and one draft. Whooo hoo! But now I am going to have another go, because I have realised where I went wrong.I put too much pressure on myself.
I wanted to have a perfect blog. I wanted all the step by step photos, all the tips and details I think of while I’m baking and all the wonderful presentation of I Am Baker. But it takes time to have these things, it takes practice too.

I was too impatient.
It took me days to write the one post that I have on here!

I didn’t believe in myself
There are hundreds of baking blogs. Professional ones, successful ones, personal ones. Why should I add another to the pile?!

And now what?
Well, I’m just going to write and see what comes of it!
I also have a project that will keep me interested and writing (I hope!). I’m not going to worry about step by step photos or even all the recipes if I don’t feel like it. I just need to get on with it!

So when I make something delicious, I’ll write about it.

When I discover an amazing recipe, I’ll write about it.

When I eat something wonderful or wierd, I’ll write about it.

I’ll do my best with photos. But if its a bad one, well it will be a bad one. I’ll get better with time I supose.

If no one reads my blog, well… So what? Surely my mum will 😉

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