Baked Banoffee Cheesecake RecipeĀ 

Its been almost a year since my first banoffee cheesecake post, well, 345 days to be precise. I can definitely say I have never spent so much time perfecting a recipe but it really was worth it! If you count each individual layer I’ve made this 6 times now and am yet to have any major hiccups – so its about time I shared the final thing with you lovely people! There must be others out there that are lacking banoffee cheesecake in their life, please indulge yourself ad give this recipe a go – its pretty straight forward actually, the only fiddly bit being how I make it in separate parts and frankly if the idea of flipping a cheesecake onto a caramel covered base doesn’t take your fancy, then take a moment to celebrate your rationality and read on anyway – I have an alternative idea šŸ™‚

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Lightest, Spongiest Banana Cake Ever

Faced with a bunch of bananas on their last legs, going squigdy and in parts even a little mouldy I decided it was time to make a banana cake.

I didn’t fancy some dense comforting banana bread full of nuts and raisins. Its the summer after all. So I set out looking for a banana chiffon cake recipe. Not any old one would do though because I don’t own a tube pan, nor does my mother who’s house I was making this cake in.


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