Raspberry and Chocolate Angel Cake Recipe

For a reason I am soon to divulge I had twelve egg whites on my hands. There’s only one thing to do in such a situation: make Angel Cake!
The decision is shortly followed by: Angel Cake with what?
This time the answer was raspberry cream and chocolate ganache!

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The Most Delicious Orangey Orange Sponge Recipe

I can’t believe I just wrote this whole blog post and accidentally deleted it. How do yo regain all the enthusiasm after that? Thats a genuine question people!

And I’ve already finished the slice of cake.

It was delicious. Well, I already said that. Even after being frozen, ganache and all. This recipe was chosen for the bottom layer of the wedding cake and seeing as I made a cake for 150 guests, when there were only 34, there are lots of leftovers.

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