Cake for the Birds

I’m not one to throw away bakes that haven’t turned out the way I had hoped. I couldn’t believe it when Ian dumped his baked alaska in the bin on the GBBO. ‘Surely you could still eat it?!’ I yelled at the tv, Mary and Paul agreed much to my satisfaction. But after today I can relate to Ian.
Sometimes it gets a little too much, maybe you expect a little too much of yourself or choose something a little too weird like black sesame ice cream or a sponge cake with whipping cream as an ingredient.

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Past√©is de Nata: On the Way to Perfection

I am utterly amazed to announce I have nearly, nearly made the perfect Pastel de Nata!
And it didn’t even take too many experiments, only a lot of reading of both Portuguese and English blogs. I can’t quite believe how far from the real thing some of the famous chefs recipes are! I’m sure they are lovely custard tarts. But that wasn’t what I wanted. I want the real deal. A delicious crispy pot of creamy goodness. My perseverance paid off!

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